A main ingredient is [Pleurotus Tamogi]
Pleurotus Tamogi is a mushroom that come under Pleurotus. 
It has vivid yellow look and, delicious soup stock, good food texture.
Once Pleutuous tamogi was said rare mushroom because it is difficult to gather.
These days, cultivated artificially but it is difficult to cultivate.
Therefore, Pleurotus Tamogi has value as a rarity in Japan.

We carry out original cultivation at our factory.
Pleutros Tamogi that we cultivate at our factory is a main ingredient of Gaken series.
It needs adjustments for temperature, humidity, illuminance, oxygen,wind force, wind direction and advanced control.
Our company cultivates a precious ingredient under consistent production control from  mushroom bed, sterillization, inoculation, cultivation to growth.

Ingredients of Gaken series

Natural cultivation green tea
Green tea includes a lot of theanine, arginine, catechin, vitamine C.E, and various mineral and so on.
Green tea used as ingredient is that it won Agriculture and forestry minister’ s award because of natural cultivation and agriculture chemicals nonuse.
Royal Gaken is powder contained nutritious tea leaves. Therefore, you can take in all green tea ingredients.
Ginkgo leaves extract
Ginkgo leaves extract that extract no less than 1kg per 50kg of ginkgo leaves extract play a great role of generating SOD. And ginkgo leaves extract is well known as ingredient of medicine by European.
Ginkgo leaves extract used as ingredient of Gaken series is removed ginkgolic-acid(well-known as Allergie). Therefore, Anyone drink safely.
The new type of patent chlorella
It is high quality chlorella that is cultivated with sterile tank for the first time.
We have some patents about medicinal action and way of manufacture.
So we can support to make your body.
◆bacteria cell patent(patent No.1198185)
◆Prevention activity of mutagen(patent No.2562324)
◆Prevention agent for pressure decrease and prophylactic of stroke(patent No.1784890) besides 5 patents.
Trehalose that is sugar for your life
Trehalose is said as “sugar for life” ”sugar of dream”. It supports human being from ancient times, so needs to store into your body.
It includes various foods.
These days, it is remarkable.
「I recommend excellent Pleurotus Tamogi.」
Dr and Pharmacist Ueda Umeyuki

Pleurotus Tamogi has good balanced contents of B-glucan and protein for making polysaccharide. And Niacin and Amino-acid content have marvelous figure.
In addition, it includes a lot of fiber and sorts of vitamin, mineral because I recommend Pleurotus Tamogi at all costs.

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